Gender Role Reversal is here and growing

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The Alpha white males may be successful but men, in general, are going to be taking the less money and benefits in the professional eniviorments.

Women are increasingly getting highly paid and better status jobs as business leaders in middle management, as Physicians, Judges, technologists, government managers and Media Producers. More females than males are now attending universities and females outnumber males in male professions now. Also white privilege is another code word for attacking white males in fields of endeavors with the me-too movements.


https://www.cpt.org/files/Undoing Racism - Understanding White Privilege - Kendall.pdf

White privilege is the ability to make decisions that affect everyone without taking others into account. This occurs at every level, from intellectual to individual. The following story could look simply like an oversight: ?Oops, I forgot to ask other people what they thought.? However, it is typical behavior for white women who want women of color to join them in their endeavors.


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    I've been waiting on Grouch Attack to make more $$ than me for 30 years and it's still not happening. Even after I retired and she's still working a full time job, she's still not putting as much in the bank as my retirement and that's AFTER I pay for HER health insurance.
    I've worked with and/or for females most of my life. My take is that although men have arguments and play favorites, and can be uncooperative, females are more likely to have a hidden agenda that they build on for extended periods of time, are seriously more vindictive, and in the end have no limits to how far they will go to get what they want.
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    historically men filled the elected and working posts in county courthouses till the first world war took the men away....now many positions are filled by women....worked in our county courthouse for about 8 years and figured i would be truly successful in any endeavor i undertook if i could run from the front steps to the top floor and back to the point of beginning without bleeding to death from the stab wounds in my back.....
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