The Big Giveaway!

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Sure Looks like The Democrats are going to be catering to the disenfranchised voters in these failing economic times with illegal immigration and socialism making the biggest appeal as Our Nation Debt keeps growing and our saving rates go to 0% in order to allow more borrowing so Corporations get more tax cuts with a Republican Congress so they can fund free social services to a broke and dying nation.

A recipe for disaster and you wonder why they want to curtail gun ownership? The idiots in power are getting us ready for NWO dictatorship. In my opinion.



Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she plans to increase Social Security benefit payments by $200 a month to ?every current and future? beneficiary in the nation.The Massachusetts Democrat says she will pay for it with her 2% ?wealth tax? on every American with over $50 million in assets.
?We need to get our priorities straight,? she said. ?We should be increasing Social Security benefits and asking the richest Americans to contribute their fair share to the program.?
Ms. Warren rolled out her latest plan ahead of the third Democratic debate in Houston, where she will face off with nine of her rivals for her party?s presidential nomination.
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