China warns Britian & The USA to stay out of S.China Sea

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China has boasted there will be a military response if in a so-called ?freedom of navigation? patrols in the South China Sea continue by The USA and Britain!



China?s ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, told media that if Britain embarks on such missions anywhere near islands claimed as Chinese territory, especially if the British are seen to be liaising with the Americans, then it will be viewed as ?hostile?. The diplomat said such a development will be met with a military response.

He warned London not do America?s ?dirty work? and rebuffed claims about ?freedom of navigation? concerns as a cynical pretext for provocation.

It is increasingly clear that Russia and China want to disrupt the international order by gaining a veto over other nations? economic, diplomatic, and security decisions,? Esper said, seemingly unaware of the absurd hypocrisy of his words.


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