Colt to stop making ar-15 models

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The fix is in for black assault rifles! You colt collectors just got a better-priced gun but in the end they are coming for them all! Don't believe the P.R.



Colt will suspend production of AR-15 rifles for civilian sales, saying there's an "adequate supply" of the high-powered weapons already in the market, the famed gun manufacturer said Thursday.

The gun-maker, based in West Hartford, Connecticut, said its decision is purely market-driven and made no mention of any public pressure over the AR-15's use in several mass shootings in the United States.


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    Its cost. Colt guns are expensive. You can get as good or better for less or even better for as much or just a little more.

    They are not making money on them.

    But they can pass this off as a PC scam so they will and get brownie nose points from the libtards................

    and the world keeps turning

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    No better than WalMart.
    Or the actions of Bill Ruger in the early 90s.
    Caving to the gun grabbers!
    I'll be expecting the calls for a boycott on Colt, and collectors to start giving them away. :?
    Arrivederci gigi
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