Trump, republicans and gun control

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The only thing Trump and the republican senate is asking themselves is how much gun control can they pass and still get re-elected. They do not care about the constitution or the long term destruction of our system. They believe in increased government power and control. From the responses on this, a gun forum, it seems they can pass quite a bit of gun control and still maintain enough support to get re-elected. The "it's not as bad as the democrats" crowd are in full support of the republicans destruction of our constitution. The republicans will take our individual rights if we continue to vote for them as they do so.

The very fact that people say they will still vote for Trump if he passes more gun control only gives him power to do do.

We have done this to ourselves, we are getting what we (as a people) voted for. I am done, I will not vote for or back any candidate for any position that considers any form of new gun control laws or other intrusion into individual liberty.

I would not vote for my own mother if she ran on the democrat ticket and I am about to draw the same line with all republicans.


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