Vietnam Era Vet

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A tag that I wear not so proudly. When in the presence of those who were there, I am deeply humbled.


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    Hey, the moment after you took your oath you had no say of where you were going and what you were going to do. Sh*t happens..You stepped up, most didn't.
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    Ditto that. You served.
    I may be a bit crazy - but I didn't drive myself.
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    As a retired "Cold Warrior" I've developed a hierarchy of respect --
    Those who died, either in combat or from their wounds, body or mind.
    Those who were wounded in combat
    Those who saw active combat
    Those who served in a combat zone
    Those who served in support roles during active combat 
    Those of us who were in uniform and never were called to fight
    Those who would have served but couldn't
    Bottom of the list are those who actively worked not to serve. 
    Not mine to judge them but  I hope they did something useful with their lives while the rest of us stood ready.
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    Let's see, Wild Turkey, my hierarchy of respect:
    1.  oldest son, USMC 4 years; wounded in Philippines
    2.  Number 2 son, US Army 6 years, Military Police 
    3.  Number 3 son, USMC 20 years, retired Gunnery Sgt; 10 months Iraq
    4.  Grandson (oldest son of second son), US Army Special Ops Medic;  Iraq/Syria(10 months); Afghanistan (10 months)

    SASS #54926
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    As a USN Seabee stationed in Sigonella Sicily durning the early 1970s, I’ve been careful not to ever call myself a Vietnam Vet. I got off light. Many of my fellow Seabees came to Sigonella after a tour there. I salute and appreciate all my fellow veterans.

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    I was in 1968 thru 1970. tore up leg and sent to BAMC (burn center) San Antonio, Texas. that  burn center for burn victims. those years were some the worst for fires when a chopper went down. you bet your * I saw and heard many cries  and moans from my brothers. I never went there (nam). my heart stills cries for them. this was the greatest generation in our time.
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