De-Dollarizing The Petrol Dollar

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Many nations have been De-Dollarizing there holdings of Our debt along with bypassing buying dollars for oil trading and using local currencies for exchanges. Of course many Central Banks have been buying U.S. stocks with Their US dollars too to get rid of the exposure to all of the Fiat Money also.
They might be getting ready for a reset soon. Don't forget Congress has made all bank accounts as shareholders of the bank in an event of a collapse!



As always, the central planners have the arrogance of the elite that causes them to think they have the brilliance to guide and control the markets of entire nations and even the entire world. How can anyone believe that such hubris will not end in total financial collapse?


Yeung said, "factory-dollar recycling" has contributed to "the global prominence of the US dollar over the past decade. However, if China initiates a convertible standard superior to the fiat-money regime, not only will it gain a market following, but it will also boost the global acceptance of the RMB."

Although the dollar is the world's reserve currency, Yeung warns it could be displaced in the coming decade.

China has spent the last six years, reducing its holdings of US Treasurys.
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