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Virginia Forms Active Militia

WranglerWrangler Member Posts: 5,788
Don't hear this on the national media.

It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

Virginia ? Earlier in the week, we reported on how lawmakers over in Virginia were threatening to use the National Guard if members of local law enforcement refused to enforce laws passed in the state that they felt violated the second amendment.

Well, looks like Tazewell County isn?t going down without a fight. On top of calling themselves a second amendment sanctuary county, they?re also crafting a militia as well. The Virginia county has taken the movement that has swept across the state and added an element that is sure to trigger pro gun-grabbing politicians in the state.

Just this past Tuesday, on December 10th, the Board of Supervisors from Tazewell County passed two different resolutions in light of controversy circling those who are pro-gun. The first resolution declared the county to be a second amendment sanctuary. This is not at all surprising to see, as 76 out of 95 counties, 9 out of 38 independent cities, and 13 towns have adopted second amendment sanctuary resolutions.

The second item on the agenda was the proposition of establishing a militia in the county. When both of the resolutions passed, the crowd cheered loudly in support of the decisions. Also, the resolutions didn?t exactly pass by a small margin; the votes were unanimous, with more than 200 citizens standing by in support.

The motion of the creation of the militia had already succeeded in an unofficial way based on the results of a survey conducted earlier in the month by county officials. But Board Chairman Travis Hackworth said people have persisted to press for the district to declare itself a second amendment sanctuary.

Hackworth went on to state that there were three attorneys on the Board of Supervisors. Many of the other declarations made from other counties in Virginia were closely checked by the three attorneys to ensure nothing important would be glossed over or left out.

Two of the biggest factors in resolutions such as these can be boiled down to funding and prosecution.

The resolutions in Tazewell County would remove funding for any law enforcement department that would infringe residents? right to keep and bear arms.

Yet, if the state wanted to combat the resolutions, they could deny the county funding in areas other than law enforcement, or perhaps attempt to evict public officials from their held offices. Those are rather valid fears, considering this week?s warnings from Northam and Congressman McEachin.

County Administrator Eric Young reportedly considered that element, and that?s why they opted for the militia aspect:

?Our position is that Article I, Section 13, of the Constitution of Virginia reserves the right to ?order? militia to the localities. Therefore, counties, not the state, determine what types of arms may be carried in their territory and by whom. So, we are ?ordering? the militia by making sure everyone can own a weapon.?
Thus, if anyone from the state tries to remove the Sheriff from their elected office because they refuse to enforce unjust laws, those state officials will be faced with a lawful militia composed of citizens within the state.

The county is taking their militia element very seriously as the new ordinance calls for concealed weapons training for any resident of the county that can lawfully own a gun.

They?ve also called for schools to adopt firearms safety training programs. Considering the blue wave that hit the state, along with Bloomberg pouring in millions toward the election, this is a massive win that shows gun owners aren?t going to lie down.

And as they?re pushing to ramp up safety and training ? officials within the state are trying to get rid of personal defense. And if it?s not bad enough that they?re going after firearms, they?re going after self-defense measures as well.

An amendment to a current law in Virginia has some martial arts companies, as well as some citizens concerned.

Known as SB64, the bill, according to Self Defense Company, would ?instantly transform all martial arts instructors into criminal felons.? They also claim that it would criminalize all firearms training classes, including concealed carry classes.

According to SDC, the law would ?even criminalize a father teaching his own son how to use a hunting rifle.?

The law, which was initially passed in 1987 relates the following:

A person is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he:

Teaches, demonstrates to any other person the use, application or making of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder;
Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, intending to employ such training for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder;
SB 64 adds the following language:

Assembles with one or more persons with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm, any explosive or incendiary device, or any components or combination thereof.

According to the article in Natural News, the language of the bill as written is too wide open to interpretation, especially in a state that appears to be going hard left like Virginia. We recently published a couple of stories on new confiscatory gun laws that are being proposed in the Virginia legislature.

In fact, numerous counties in Virginia and elsewhere have vowed to become so-called ?Second Amendment Sanctuaries? (thank you California and other immigration law sanctuaries for the idea) where any laws that counter the Second Amendment would not be enforced.

The fact that this law is being amended, at the same time when new confiscatory gun laws are going to be put forth, gives gun owners reason to be concerned. As always, laws like this will likely be adjudicated in court. As we are painfully aware, that can be a crapshoot. It is inevitable that this new law will somehow be tested via a court case.

One can understand how people might be concerned. For example, the firearms addendum is somewhat vague.

If a person has a license to carry and happens to be with one or two people and they are involved in a counter protest to something like an Antifa or BLM rally, based on this law, the Antifa thugs or BLM participants could say that someone exercising their Second Amendment rights ?intimidated? them and that would result in them getting arrested.

The statute is ripe for abuse.

Are some being paranoid? Perhaps. But in 2019, anything goes. All it takes is a social justice warrior wearing a robe and you could easily see why some people are concerned.

Last Thursday, lawmakers in Virginia threatened to deploy the National Guard to enforce the strict gun legislation they?re pushing for if law enforcement officials refuse to do it themselves.

They said, ?the law is the law.?
But apparently that?s a double standard in Virginia. Instead of focusing on what is and what isn?t against the law, it seems as though these lawmakers are only pushing to enforce rules that they believe are right.

Is Virginia the place where the battle for our rights will begin? Tell us your thoughts!


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