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sam got the thread about sears and the guns going, well we used to have a store like K-mart around here called Hecks, it was big discount store, right after I retired I was going through my gun stuff I have a big metal locker/cabinet I keep ammo/knives and such in. behind it was a cardboard holder with 3 aluminium arrows on it and price tag of $2.99 from hecks. was just now going through the ammo as I am going to give my son/daughter in law a couple guns. have a box of #5 shot 12ga with sticker from JC Penny's for $4.99, it is remington brand, I think I will keep it and give him a couple boxes of pinnacle shells, I reload and filled the boxes a dozen golf balls come in with 12 ga shells never really counted em but I figure they hold more than 50+ per box. also a brick of winchester 22 ammo had wally world sticker on it for $8.99, think it is time I shot a little more??????

also found a 25 lb bag of #4 lead shot with a sticker $11.99, I have close to 100 pounds of #4, #5 downstairs didn't know I had this one, and don't know what it is selling for now. I know I won't live long enough to load 120+ lbs of shot.........

also anyone remember the stingers?? CCI hollowpoint 22 shells, got about a half box with hecks sticker on it for $1.99..


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    we had a HECKS about 15 miles from us many years ago ( 45 + ) in the "shopping center " that was a big deal at the time ;) I bought a crosman 761 pellet / bb gun there . among other things .
    we had a " O-mart" in town before that ( where my Mitchel 300 came from )
    before them we had Murphys 5 and dime , western-auto and a local place called Moore's a family run store a lot like western auto . a lot of personal service . and a wonder land for kids at Christmas .
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    Gibsons and J.M. Fields.
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    I remember Heck?s. We also had a Ched?s. They didn?t sell guns, but sold ammo.
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    We had a Kmart analog called "2 Guys" department store in the late 70's

    My father bought a flintlock pistol - lots of brass and nice wood - the box still has a "2 Guys" adhesive tag on it...

    I have some .22 long rifle ammo that has the hardware store private label "Rickles" on the box sleeves...

    I have a 3-9X40 rifle scope and compact binoculars that have the "True Value" hardware store packaging...

    I still have some squires bingham .22 long rifle with yellow and red box sleeves - purchased from Edlemans sporting goods - a big chain style gun shop (the copper plated high velocity ammo came from the Philippines I think)

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    I have boxes on ammo from stores here in town that are now out of business. '
    I used to buy CCI 40gr hollow points for $2.99 a hundred. I remember them going to $3.99 and I thought that was high. Now all I can find in HP is the 36gr.
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    i remember going to Hecks with my parents. i believe it was in south charleston.
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    We also had a Heck's. It was located on the Ky. side of the Tug River in South Williamson, Ky. I used to go in occasionally.
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    Shot was 35 a bag at the Ohio State trap shoot last year.
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