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Devastated here.
Just read where the town of Andrews in NC is not going to have their annual possom drop for New Years celebration.
They caved in to the political correctness crowd and animal rights kooks.
Oh well I guess the wife and I will have to go to Mtn City for Taco Tuesday and pig out. Wish me luck Ken.
As luck would have there was the biggest possum I have ever seen helping himself to the cat's food last night and this AM one of the biggest skunks ever was de grubbing the yard. Pretty good entertainment to watch if you keep your distance.
You ever open the door and a big skunk is standing on his front feet just inches away? Makes from tense moments.

As us hill Williams would say, Hope ya'll have a happy new year.


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    Do you hit Poblano's for Taco Tuesday? 99cent tacos and a killer Salsa bar, cant beat that. Never had a bad meal in that place. We are lucky to have them.

    It's been weeks since I've had a Taco. :cry:

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Possums everywhere are planning their move to Andrews. :lol:
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    I know several from around here won't make it, saw more than usual smashed on the road today. Oh! I be they were trying to get to Andrews.
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    I read that also . we have become a country of butt kissing PC who make the rules.

    as for the rest of the critters we have been feeding well for most of the summer and still on going , ( four skunks , thee opossums , and 3 raccoons ( most likely more I do not see ) with the cat food I leave out for our cats and the cats just slide over and share . . the skunks seem to know who is feeding them and do not get defense when we cross paths . when I was younger all the free loaders would have been no longer with us .
    getting older I guess live and let live ;) its fun to watch them all play
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    Possum drop ... :mrgreen: :shock: :roll:
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