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Anschutz 1913 Super Match - pros/cons/worth?

Hi Folks,

During my Junior Rifle / Distinguished Expert program days my Dad invested in an Anschutz 1913 Super Match rifle. My brother and I were both involved in these programs at our local sportsmen's club since age 11 (shooting since 6y/o) or so and there was the parental hope of college scholarships. While we could both easily drive tacks at 50' with smallbore and at 300yds with our deer rifles, neither of us were competitive enough to go much further with the sport after high school.

Now, here I am with this amazing rifle and it feels like a waste letting it sit in the safe unfired. This is not a "for sale" post but rather an "educate me and give me your opinions" post.

I'll admit that while I loved shooting this rifle, I learned little about it at a young age. Only now, as I look for information prior to selling, am I learning about its history, part numbers and details, sight information, and typical use nowadays.

Here's what I know about the rifle along with some questions:
Anshutz 1913 Super Match - date code is '95 - does year matter here? good/bad year?
Rear sight 6805/10 - what are your thoughts on this sight?
Front sight w/2 aperture inserts - Anschutz - currently unsure of model # - how can I identify this?

The barrel is stock, but how can I identify it?

Having asked around I've been told that wooden stocks are old school and that everyone is shooting aluminum these days. Is that true? Is this rifle past its prime?

I also talked to two local gunsmiths, a few local high school coaches, a local college coach, and paid for the Blue Book of Gun Values appraisal. I'm wondering if you folks would be willing to offer an honest appraisal as well.

All commentary, opinions, suggestions, and feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time,



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