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Login Instructions

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Welcome to the updated Forums.

One of the features of this new forums is Single Sign On (SSO). This new forum will use your auction-side account credentials to sign onto the forum. (starting January 7th) . This will allow registered auction side users in good standing to get to the forums without waiting for GB staff to manually approve their forums membership.

To Login:

Click the Sign-In button on the top of the page.

  • If you are not logged into the GunBroker auction-side, it will direct you to Log Into Input your Auction side credentials: email or Auction username, and auction side password.
  • If you are logged into GunBroker when you come to the forums, you may see a green "sign in with gunbroker" text. Click that and it will automatically sign you in. If your auction email matches your email you had on file for the old forums, your account will be connected.

This page on the auction side (My GunBroker Account Info) shows what we have on file. The public email address is what the forums will use to match to login.

My GunBroker > My Account > Account information

Under Account information, look for a box labeled "Emails"

If you have questions about Forums login, please email [email protected] .

If you have questions about your auction account credentials, email [email protected].

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