Windage Adjustable Rings for Weaver Bases

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I know that Redfield, Beuhler, Williams, and several others made windage adjustable bases and Sako and others made windage adjustable rings for their bases. But I think I recall adjustable rings for Weaver bases but I can't remember who made them. Any help?


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    Weaver makes their own. The Weaver Grand Slam Windage Adjustable rings.


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    Weaver has a steel ring that is windage adjustable. Called Grand Slam if you want something beefy.

    You have to Watch out for the term Weaver STYLE, not actually made by Weaver and has give Weaver a bad name over the years mainly due to people thinking they bought Weaver and it was or is a Weaver clone STYLE type junk, USUALLY and usually at a lower price. Most of the STYLE stuff is junk. (This term is used when describing usually rings, but can also be used to describe junk type bases.

    Millet makes some rings called angle loc but might not be desirable for a hard kicking center fire rifle.

    Not anything wrong with Weaver stuff when it's actually the real thing.

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    Keep in mind that the "windage adjustable" Weaver(or Weaver style) rings don't have an allowance for alignment when making those adjustments. The end result is a kinked or dented scope tube if the "adjustments" are made.

    A better option is the rings with eccentric inserts. Those won't damage your scope.

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    Thanks, all, for the advice and recommendations. I am trying to set up a "vintage" outfit consisting of a Remington 720 and an older Weaver K4. I want to keep it as close to period as I can; I don't like to see a 78 year old rifle with the new flat finish scope and rings on it. The rifle came to me with the proper Weaver bases on it and a set of older Weaver low rings. The scope is one I had. With the scope in place, the collimater shows the rifle shooting 16" to the left with all the windage adjustments taken up. I haven't shot it yet but I'd like it on the paper when I do. I've shimed the edges of the bases and got it lined up but, again, all the scope adjustments are used. I think Weaver makes some blued rings with windage adjustments that resemble the older rings so I'll try to get a set of those to try. They didn't make very many of those rifles so I don't think Redfield got around to making a base for them. That would be the answer!

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    Did you try swapping places with the rings and/or turning them 180*?

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    AS Mobuck says I've actually swapped the bases around on some of them type Remington guns and got the scope to align properly.

    Also keep in mind as the guy above says with some windage rings and your scope being off that far the weaver/Millet windage rings will try to warp the scope tube.

    Leupold has bases/Rings called standard type, they are two piece or one piece bases that has a windage rear ring screw adjustment and they have been around longer than your old gun. 

    You might contact Burris. They have what is called posi align and is a inserts that goes inside their rings and it don't bend/warp or scratch the scope.

    I have s set of the posi align Burris rings on one of my guns suing a expensive Leupold scope and the insets are a hard plastic and won't scratch or bend the scope because the inserts swivel inside the rings so as to allow the scope tube to remain aligned front to rear .Burris would probably sell more of their posi align rings if they were advertised more so as people would know about them and how to use them even though they cost more than standard rings.

    Sometimes on some guns them old Weaver scopes have the windage/elevation adjustments set so far forward on the scope tube that proper eye relief cannot be obtained when the bases and rings are installed unless offset rings are used. Usually if I get into such, instead of using a set of offset rings that don't look right for the gun I just shop for another scope.

    I have experienced your situation before and it can be time consuming and frustrating on some guns but yours being a old bolt action rifle is to shop for  a Leupold/Redfield 2 piece STANDARD base and medium heigth ring set (this set has the windage adjust rear) and if the eye relief is not correct using the regular front ring you have option of going to a offset front ring.

    Good Luck to Ya.

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    Mobuck: I thought of swapping the rings but thought it wouldn't help but after your suggestion, I tried it anyway. I centered the windage adjustments on the scope and swapped the rings and the colimater showed it now shooting to the right! So--it worked! Thanks for the hint.

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