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New Tennessee CCW gun permit law HB 1264 went into effect on January 1st 2020...

Smitty500magSmitty500mag Member Posts: 13,603 ✭✭✭✭

Now an online class is all that's required with no shooting range time for carrying a concealed gun. If you want to open carry they still require an 8 hour training class which is just backasswards. Oh well what ever since I'm not interested in open carry anyway.

Over the years I put off getting my Tennessee permit because I didn't want to have to take another on site 8 hour gun class which includes 4 hours on the shooting range. I had already taken an 8 hour class for my Florida permit but Tennessee wouldn't recognize that class because it was over 12 months since I had taken the class. I didn't really need the Tennessee permit at the time since Florida covered most of the states I traveled to other than the North Eastern states.

Now that they've changed the law in Tennessee to a 90 minute online class I went ahead and took it the other day and passed it. I'll need to drop by a Tennessee Highway Patrol Office in a few days to get my photo and fingerprints taken and pay the $65 buck fee. I've already filled out the application and have the other forms including the gun class certificate ready to be turned in when I get there for the photo and fingerprinting.

When I was doing a lot of traveling and working and living in Alabama the sheriff there was really nice and issued me a non-driver's license picture ID in order for me to be able to get my resident CCW permit in Alabama since I was living there 3 and 4 days a week and I didn't have to give up my Tennessee Drivers License. Alabama doesn't require a gun class or a photo or fingerprints. Just give them $20 for a year or $100 for a 5 year permit and you're good to go. Nice to not be harassed.

Then when I was doing a lot of traveling in the NE I was able to get my non resident CCW permits in Connecticut, Maine, NH and Pennsylvania all totally by mail. I didn't have to show up in person at any of those states to get my permit. That was back when there was not much reciprocity between the states. Even with more reciprocity these days states like Maine and Connecticut still won't recognize any non resident permits except for the ones that they issue. Now that I'm retired and don't travel to the NE I've let the Pennsylvania, NH and Maine permits expire since I don't plan to go there any more. The Connecticut permit will expire in 4 more years. After that I'll just keep my Florida, Alabama and Tennessee Permits.

As far as Georgia goes I don't screw around with them. They want you to turn in your out of state drivers license in order to get a Georgia non drivers license photo ID or to get a Georgia drivers license. Since I'll be spending even more time in Tennessee than here in Georgia in the next 2 years I'm not about to give up my Tennessee licenses for a Georgia license. Those backwoods people are hard to deal with. They don't understand that people can actually have more than one resident other than just in Georgia and want you signed up for everything there and nowhere else. You get that deer in the highlight look when they ask you where you live and you say Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. I'm retired I don't spend all my time in one place and the least of it is spent here in Georgia for God's sake I try to explain but they don't care they're only interested in getting the money for Georgia.

When I was working in Mississippi back in 2008 - 2010 the cops circled the parking lot where I was staying at and wrote me a ticket for not having a Mississippi license plate on my truck. I had to get the head FBI agent at the new FBI Headquarters building where I was working at to write a letter for me telling the sheriff that I only worked there 3 days a week and that I lived in Tennessee. They all want that money.

Well that's the hoops I jump through in order to be legal. It's a shame to have to do anything other than maybe carrying a copy of the 2nd amendment.

Criminals just have a good laugh when hearing about new gun laws and the trouble people go through to be legal.


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