Armi Jager Dakota Model 1873 Single-action Revolver

GunHawkGunHawk Member Posts: 5

Hello & Happy New Year! I haven't posted in quite a long time but I need some help with my above mentioned Armi Jager Dakota revolver. My particular model is in perfect condition, blued barrel and .357 mag cylinder. The grip/trigger guard is nickel and has "Ivory" grips. However, It came with a nickel plated extra cylinder in .38 acp. I barely know that round and my question is why this caliber is chosen (from the factory) for the spare cylinder?? What is the value or use of the .38 acp? Or am I missing the point that this cylinder may be used for other .38 caliber rounds?? As always....thanks ahead of time!! Jim/GunHawk


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