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Need a little help.

Have a very nice 870 Remington, receiver engraved and the 870 Wingmaster logo engraved through the center of the engraving. Nice checkered wood.

Serial number is AB516732M.

Anyone have a clue what year it was made and ideas about engraving? Value?


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    I think March of 1955. As far as the engraving goes I'd need pictures or a little more information to determine which grade of gun. Obviously factory engraving vs aftermarket would be two different values. Bob

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    There is a two or three letter code on the left side of the barrel, if it is not a replacement barrel, near the receiver that will date your gun, again if that is the original barrel. Google Remington date codes and you will see.

    As far as the value: Gunbroker--Advanced Search--Completed Items. Remington 870 Wingmaster

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    Not so much interested in date of manufacture but what it might be. Righting and engraving is not like your every day 870. I know the value of them, I have several including special fields. Way newer than 1955. Not too picture savvy from camera to GB forum.
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