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Can someone please tell me the legalities for selling ammo on Gun Broker ? My hunting friend who just passed
away left quite a bit of boxed ammo and his widow has asked me to see if I could sell it for her. I'm 75+ years
old and have only sold one item on Gun Broker but it was an 1878 lever action 12 ga. shotgun and didn't require any special regs. Can I sell ammo ? Someone please let me know so I can get back to owner. Than you. Gerry


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    You can sell ammunition, but it cannot be mailed (US Post Office regs prohibit shipping ammunition), so forget all about the low cost flat rate boxes. Shipping single boxes of ammo through( say) UPS is going to be expensive, so you'd be better off listing ammo in lots of several boxes. State ammunition laws are more convoluted than firearms laws, with individual cities and counties often setting their own purchase and shipping requirements. You'll to know whether the ammunition is legal to a specific location before shipping it. Although I'm an administrator, I am not paid by Gun Broker. My suggestion is to try to sell the ammo locally before considering shipping it. 
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    +1 for for try and sell locally unless it is really collectible/rare/ expensive enough to make shipping pay.  Big difference in factory ammo and reloaded stuff. 
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    Try to explain to the lady, the difficulties of selling ammo as best that you can. Between the legalities and expense of shipping and transferring. It's a hassle. Suggest that the best alternative, would be to take the whole lot to a local sportings goods or gun store. To try to get as much money as you can from it.

    What ever you do, don't try to sell it yourself.  Locally through a on-line add, or one of the free supermarket papers with classified adds. To many local lifes who see those adds, figure you also have guns available. This could bring unwanted attention to you, or the widow woman.
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    get table at local gun show, take price of table out of sold ammo give her rest........
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    unless rare or special,,, local gun shop on conisignment  or local show , penny paper ect to ship you need ups or fedex and they just uped the prices and you need to put the right sticker on package for ship
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    hillbille said:
    get table at local gun show, take price of table out of sold ammo give her rest........
     THIS ^^^^ or visit with a seller who does gun shows and see if he will sell it for you at a small %.  And if that person sells mostly gun and doesn't sell ammo himself, it could bring more activity to his table. 
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    Unless the ammunition falls into the "collectable" category it may be more of a PITA to sell than it's worth.
    The biggest issue is shipping the ammo.
    UPS will ship ammo but only from their main hub facilities.
    You cannot ship it through their UPS stores legally.
    I shipped  quite a bit of collectable ammo years ago without any problem except for having to go 20 miles out of my way to ship it from a main hub.
    Check all their labeling requirements.
    Request packages to be signed for at their delivery destination.

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     Sell it locally and don't look back. UNLESS, as above it has TO BE RARE to mess with it here with all the shipping ect. Someone locally always needs ammo and forget the headache.
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    What is your zip code? Someone on here might be close enough to be interested in the lot.
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    I wouldn't be afraid to try GunBroker. I have bought a lot of ammo here. If you sell individual boxes, combine shipping. One box of .22 ammo may be $15 to ship; 10 boxes is the same amount. Just look on the auction side at what some of that ammo brings. Some people would rather pay more and have it delivered right to their home so they don't have to drive somewhere. And some people are just foolish--a fool with money is a good customer!
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