Hartford Arms &Equip. CO. 22LR Pistol

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I picked this up at a gun show. The inscription on the left side reads: 'MANFD. BY THE HARTFORD ARMS & EQUIP.CO. HARTFORD , CONN. PANTENTED 22 CAL. LONG RIFLE'.  There is a number (3739) on the front of the grip frame. The barrel is 6 3/4" long. A Colt woodsman magazine seems to fit. What is it, when was it made, what is the value and where can I find parts? Any info will be appreciated!



  • GunswapperGunswapper Member Posts: 791 ✭✭
  • GunswapperGunswapper Member Posts: 791 ✭✭
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    I've owned 2 over the years. The design was marginal, as both had self destructed. Due to the use of modern high speed ammo. In pistols not designed for it. When H-S bought what was left of Hartford, during the depression. They later revised their "B" Models to correct some of the Hartford's problems.

    To make a long story short. What you have, would be only valuable to a collector of the Hartford's/ early High Standards. Doubtful that either the frame or slide could be assembled into anything  functional. More a paperweight conversation piece, than anything else.
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    Agree, you have a parts pistol at best. You will never find the all the pieces you need unless you are Moses.  IMO 
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