Swedish Mauser Price

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Im currently looking at a 1915, m96 swedish mauser that seems really cheap, there is about a day left on the bidding and its only up to about 260 bucks, yet its a very clean rifle, stock is in beautiful condition and the bore and everything else looks good yet its about half the price of all the other swedish mausers on gunbroker not including the sporterized ones, I am kinda new to mausers and milsurps in general, just want to make sure im not getting screwed if I buy this. 
I know that the bid will most likely go up towards the end but im curious why the bid started at such a low price and has continued to stay at a low price.


  • Ricci.WrightRicci.Wright Member Posts: 1,754 ✭✭✭✭
    Many auctions lay dormant till the last hour or so. As for starting at a low price I start most of my auctions at one penny with no reserve. It has worked for me for a long time but I could start at a higher amount without altering results I suppose. I do not ever use a reserve.
  • AB0123AB0123 Member Posts: 2
    yea i actually just looked at the listing, they did have it at one penny as well, well we shall see what happens tomorrow morning as it will be towards the end
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    It's not over till the last bid. Keep close watch. Sometimes you get a deal here.
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    I never really liked anything but 98 Mausers for military ones.  However, I do have a Mexican small ring done in 45-70.
    Last second "snipers" can run up the prices very quickly.  I usually bid what I'm willing to pay at the start, I seldom go up.

    Prices seem to vary by time of year, hunting rifles go up before the season and drop after. 
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