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I was cleaning the bore in a brand new Bergara Woodsman rifle last night and inadvertently got “wipe out” brand solvent on the stock and didn’t notice this for quite some time. There are several 3/8” circles where apparently the nozzle flicked and left solvent on the stock. These spots are darker and duller. The stock has a very muted dull oil rubbed finish and I am uncertain as to how to try to correct this mistake.

Is there a way to lighten the darkened patches where the solvent soaked in?

What oil is used for a dull oil rubbed finish? I have used tru oil in the past and it builds up to a shiny finish. This stock has open grain and truly just looks like it was rubbed with a light oil and left to soak in.

Suggestions would be much appreciated. Wood finishing is not my strong point, and it just makes me sick that I have done this to a new rifle.

I appreciate the responses. I have attempted to contact Bergara for a week now and they do not respond, so it looks like I’ll have to give this a try based on your recommendations and what I have read.


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    I would call manufacturer first and ask them, before expiramenting on my own.......
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    I like LinSpeed oil for my hand rubbed finish.  After several coats you can use a Scotch brite pad to dull the finish, steel wool was used in the past.  Use really fine grain sandpaper to rub out the spots, feathering out 2 or 3 times the spot size. Rub on a coat of oil, let dry for hours or overnight. Do a second coat, let dry then start dulling the finish to match.  You might need several coats.
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    You're seeing chemical stains/burns, not just oil or pigment stains..It would be best to check with a woodworker that does finishing-like antique restoration, or piano/guitar repair ..The dull finish is probably Tung oil, but matte polyurethane wipe-on oil finishes are also used..

    They'll need to blend-in the repair over a large enough area to avoid any sanding dips..You can't concentrate ONLY on the spots..

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