Mossberg 144 LSA Question, ODD!

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just picked this up, was told this was a factory threaded barrel, which sure looks to be original. man said he bought 6 of these about 30 years ago. suppose to have some kind of thread cap which is missing? barrel is 26 inches. ive seen hundreds of Mossberg 22 target rifles but not with a barrel like this. any help would be great.


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    Never saw one.  I think it was made for a suppressor.  The threaded adapter looks like an add on not machined in the barrel blank.

    added  The Maxim suppressor was for sale in 1902.  There were some odd indoor sporting games using the 22 (bird)shot shells; maybe a choke device for clay birds or glass balls - full peeps are the best choice for that type of shooting.  It could have just been a cap to protect the muzzle.

    Havlin Sales are all things Mossy ask them, if factory they might know.
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    he explained it as to be used for some type of indoor shooting, a gallery gun of sorts? like I said, he had 6 of them and the others just came with a thread cap. just never heard of suppressors being used that many years ago? but makes since if it was used indoors. if Mossberg didn't do this, they were proffesionally, and specifically made for a specific person or function? just need to find out what I got!
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    Go to the Havlin web site and  ask Vic.    Mossberg Collectors Association.
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    Might have been intended for sale, on the other side of the pond? Hard to believe, but in some European countries. Suppressors are over the counter items. You just go into your local sporting goods store, and buy one.  Commonly used for indoor target shooting and instruction. For hearing protection purposes.

    The fact that the original owner, had originally  purchased 1/2 dozen similar rifles. Supports the above IMHO. Probably a  contract overrun. 

    The person to contact for the straight skinny. Would be Mr. Mossberg . Vic Havilin, he literally has written the book on Mossbergs. Lost his contact info. GOOGLE is your friend. Use Mossberg and his name, and the contact info will come up.
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    havilnsales.com for  Vic
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    Whats "LSA" stand for? LYMAN SIGHT

    This gun was meant to be mossbergs entry level military style match target platform - their variant of the Remington 513 series - nicely done but lacking certain features most often associated with these guns no palm stop - no palm rest...

    No appointments for a bipod - the sights are well made and fairly functional but they do not meet the standards of other similar...

    The trigger is also better that many standard .22 bolt action rifles - but it's no freeland dioptor or changeable insert discs...

    Bespoke handstop and hooked adjustable buttplates...

    Could be ordered with a factory / drilled and tapped to accept it and allowed the quick attach / detach system for the weaver N2.

    LSA = "L"yman "S"ight version "A" -- which indicates Lyman 17A globe front sight and Mossberg S331 rear peep sight. (A very nice combination, IMHO.) The change in the early '60s from a Lyman rear sight to the Mossberg rear sight changed the "LS" suffix to "LSA." (I'm going by memory here -- please correct me if I'm wrong...) I paid $350 for mine -- excellent condition and from a very reputable dealer. That plus proximity to NYC made it an OK, bordering on high, price. I would have been very satisfied at $250 - $300. The 144LSA is an excellent example of the breed, as far as my research and experience tells me. Very precise and accurate...

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