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2A freedom under Obama

Mr. PerfectMr. Perfect Member, Moderator Posts: 63,820 ******
Much to the surprise and possibly chagrin of many, during the Obama administration we actually saw some modicum of increases in 2A freedom. This,  in spite of Obama himself routinely spewing anti-2A rhetoric and proposing legislation that ultimately got shot down by the waffling right. There were two pieces of legislation passed under his administration that he signed that expanded gun rights.

The first was to allow concealed carry in national parks.  The second was to allow firearms to be carried in checked baggage on passenger trains. (The passage of both of these pieces of legislation shocked the hell out of me)

That, obviously, does not mean Obama was any sort of 2A advocate. One need only to look at the multiple bills he introduced to try to curb 2A to see that he wasn't.  Furthermore, his SCOTUS appointment of Sotamayor was a dissenting opinion in the McDonald vs. City of Chicago case (one that is often touted by "gun rights" advocates as a win for "gun rights"). But it is a curious thing he would sign two pieces of legislation that expanded the rights of gun owners. In fact, if you read the left leaning article I cite here, you can feel the frustration in the author's tone that more wasn't done by Obama to curb 2A rights, and that these small wins for 2A really irk him and others on the left (assuming that author adequately represents the left's position; I think he does).

I note these things only because it is a curiosity amidst a draconian presidency of lies, deceit, barbarism, and frankly fascism we had not seen in a president prior.  I would never support him, apart from his support for these two instances (and handful of other nearly meaningless bills he signed his name to that I won't get into here) and voted against him twice.

One might ponder why: if he was truly as anti-2A as he seemed (and everyone seemingly knew), why these two bills were signed into law. I know I wonder that.  Frankly, it is entirely possible that he actually supports the second amendment on some level. Knowing how politically aligned Obama was/is with groups like the Black Panthers (though rumors of his membership are false) and what they stood for and that it's a good bet Obama at least supports gun ownership for blacks, it's likewise a good bet Obama does believe in "gun rights" and simply caved to pressure by groups lobbying for such sensical bills.  Throughout our nation's history blacks have been a group that has arguably been the most negatively impacted by gun control.  So, it's possible (though unlikely) that even the pieces of gun control legislation Obama introduced, were introduced with the belief that the "party of opposition" would shoot them down and he could save face with his base while not negatively impacting his brothers and Trayvon Martin sons.  Admittedly, there may be other explanations but to me that seems most logical.

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