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Remington DOM

kannoneerkannoneer Member Posts: 3,370 ✭✭✭✭
Remington and their dang confusing codes! I have a 700 in 7mm Rem. Mag. with the following on the left rear of barrel: URJ 12. Why THREE letters? U=1971, R=Nov., J=1962. I personally think it is a first year 7mm Mag. but maybe it is a 1971 model. The 12 is irrelevant.
I also have a 760 with three marks I cannot decipher, although the last could be a tiny star. The others look like partial stamps or something. I bought the gun new in 1970 so I know when it was made, luckily.


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    sschradsschrad Member Posts: 50 ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    The first letter of the date code must be one of these, BLACKPOWDERX . (Corresponds to the month of manufacture) .  U and J are not included, but R is, making the R the month of manufacture (November). The letter immediately following the month is the year .  Being a J it would correspond with 1940, 1962 or 1989, the 700 model wasn't made in 1940 so that's out leaving 1962 or 1989. 1962 was the first year that they were made . If you purchased it before 1989 then the answer is 1962, if not, here's an article that might help you decide what year your is. There were differences to the finish of the bolt, checkering and buttplates over the years. If it has a metal buttplate it's most likely 1962.

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    kannoneerkannoneer Member Posts: 3,370 ✭✭✭✭
    Hey, thanks, sschrad! It has a low 5-digit serial number, but I guess the serial number doesn't mean much with Remingtons. It is in good shape but just always seemed like a fairly old rifle. I think I got it around 2000. Very accurate, well-made rifle. Metal butt plate so I am going with Nov. 1962, the first year the 7mm Mag. came out.
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