Montana and Wyoming 1930's & 1940's logging

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I have watched some youtube videos today and man those were some tough people. Up high in the mountains, the Wind River Mountain  Range, cutting timber and then cutting the logs into rail road ties all by hand with axes and saws. Then they brought them down the Wind river. One old lady remembered coming from Norway as a little girl who spoke no English. She would come home each day from school and teach her Mother the words she had learned that day. It was very important to them that they learn English as quickly as possible. Quite the contrast from what we see today with second and third generation emigrants still not speaking English or broken English at best. Maybe because the states didn't go out of their way to print documents in hundreds of foreign languages???<P>

 These guys would work 9 hour days of back breaking dangerous jobs and the highest paid were getting $10.00/day. They said the best memories were about the food, how good it was and how much of it there was. I'm sure one would burn a few calories swinging an axe for 9 hours a day. 


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