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S&W recall on model 624 .44 special

Henry0ReillyHenry0Reilly Member Posts: 10,873 ✭✭✭
S&W recalled these due to an issue with the cylinder. In a discussion on the S&W forum [that started 10 years ago and dragged on quite some time] someone claimed that Roy Jinks said it was simply a matter of some revolvers shipped with magnum cylinders but S&W was officially saying there was a problem with the integrity of the steel. It was also stated that S&W did not mark the guns that had been sent back for inspection, in spite of the fact that some S&W representatives had stated this was the case and that inspected guns had an F on the cylinder.

The S&W website no longer lists these on their recall page. Does anyone have any definitive information on this issue? Perhaps a serial number range of the affected guns? The gun in question is a 3" Lew Horton Special. If it was mine I would not be afraid to shoot it with non - plusP factory ammo but I was asked by someone to research the question.
I used to recruit for the NRA until they sold us down the river (again!) in Heller v. DC. See my auctions (if any) under username henryreilly


  • rufe-snowrufe-snow Member Posts: 18,649 ✭✭✭
    I just got through checking the SCSW. Nothing about a recall on 624's. Just notes that 5000, 3", were made for Lew Horton. Between 1985 & 1987. There is a substantial difference in cylinder lengths though. The 629,   is 5/32" longer than the 624. If anything, I would expect the steel to have a much better heat treat on the magnum than the 44 Special. Maybe there was some sort of a screw up, on the 44 cylinders? And some got through, with out a heat treat at all? 
    The N frame cylinders, in 44 caliber are quite substantial. I sure wouldn't be sweating, shooting any standard velocity 44 Specials in them. 

    I would call customer service, at S & W tomorrow. The product code on the Lew Horton, 3", Combat Specials. Is #103580. See if they know anything, about a recall  on 624's with that product code?

  • Henry0ReillyHenry0Reilly Member Posts: 10,873 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020
    Thanks, Rufe. S&W was definitely taking these back to inspect them at one time. Those commenting on the discussion at the S&W forum that had returned theirs got them back, but of course the big fear was that the gun would be found defective and replaced with something else. To clarify the OP, it wasn't actually magnum cylinders but that the .44 special cylinders had been bored out long enough to accept a magnum round. [And again, this was anecdotal, someone said Roy Jinks said it.]

    I would join the discussion there but my log in isn't working there and the program does not recognize my email when I ask for password help.
    I used to recruit for the NRA until they sold us down the river (again!) in Heller v. DC. See my auctions (if any) under username henryreilly
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