Winchester gumwood stocks

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Anyone tell me what year Winchester stopped using gumwood and their 94 carbine stocks.  Any info is always appreciated.        Terrill


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    From Bert:
    "The first use of gumwood for stock material began with the Model 1900 .22 rim fire single shot rifle, followed by the Models 1902, 1904, Thumb Trigger, and 1906. Winchester began using it on the Model 1892 and Model 1894 Carbines at least as early as 1907 (my survey of the Model 1894 begins in May 1907, at serial number 354000). From 1908 - 1921, gumwood was the predominant stock material for the Model 94 SRCs. Gumwood continued to be used on the Model 94 Carbines until at least serial number 982459 (July 1925)."


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    Great research and information.

    take care and thank you

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    That's what I needed to know info appreciated.
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