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Furloughed workers to pick fruit and vegetables?

serfserf Member Posts: 9,225 ✭✭✭✭
 It's good to be the King but it's not happening here with Nancy Pelosi and The Democrats in control.You can not force people to work for unemployed benefits much less if you're on welfare here in America
.The Minorities  here would cry foul and say it was slave labor. Don't they have machines for that now? The US can just raise their Debt ceiling and just support all these poor souls for free,right? Why not? The interest rates are at Zero now and even President Trump wants negative rates now to stimulate the economy.

To Infinity and Beyond


The UK's Prince Charles has called on students and furloughed workers to pick fruit and vegetables to plug shortages in the labor market caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
In a video posted to Twitter, Charles, the heir to the British throne, asked people to take on the "unglamorous" task of picking fruit and vegetables to help farmers.
"At this time of great uncertainty, many of our normal routines and regular patterns of life are being challenged," he said to the camera, promoting the UK government's Pick For Britain campaign, which is seeking to recruit students or people who have been furloughed.


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