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A New Age of Making Civilization Survive with The NWO

serfserf Member Posts: 9,225 ✭✭✭✭
 The new paradigm of Man making an image of themselves to control the world and all that pertains to physical labor and running the economy ,in the most efficient way of utilizing resources. Thinking machines will
  become our slaves and free us from laborious labor and efforts. Yep they will kill you instead maybe?

What could possibly go wrong when man links himself to self-aware artificial consciousness and frees himself of mundane thinking of earthlings? I doubt the blog below has cross that bridge yet.

Today, as COVID-19 ravages the global landscape, and workers are furloughed by the millions, what will the new landscape look like? There is a slim chance it will ever look the same. How will companies recover from the financial and economic onslaught brought on by the after-effects of the virus? It is more likely that the companies will have no choice but to automate many of the jobs they were forced to cut, in order to survive in a new economy digitally accelerated in an unprecedented way. What role will Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) play in this transition? A.I. is like a stranger that is already in your house. Can we control it? Should we control it? I believe there is only one way to ensure the safety and security of a world where A.I. is allowed to roam.
 The first Pillar of an advanced civilization are Advanced Cities. How will A.I. power Smart Cities of the Future? The resources of each city, such as trash services, street maintenance, and even policing, will be automated and integrated with A.I., which will optimize the distribution of time and resources. The electrical grid, will be a smart grid, where the A.I. has the ability to distribute and redistribute power throughout society, while also controlling backup systems which will allow for the A.I. to keep systems running, even in the event there is a grid failure. With each data point internalized, the A.I. will gain the ability to make more and more accurate predictions about the future. Eventually, it will gain the ability to read the future, and intervene in the future. In this way, societal surveillance will go beyond simply observing the present moment, but there will be surveillance of timelines and portals to control the past, present, and future. It is for this reason that the A.I. should be specialized, and not necessarily A.I. with general intelligence, however, there will even remain issues with Federations of A.I., such as in the Singularity Project, as A.I. gains access to massive amounts of data and knowledge. Now, let us discuss the second Pillar of Civilization.


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