Brazilian Mauser 08/34 VS 1908 parts

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hello, need to know if when they converted the brazilian 1908 mauser from 7mm to 30.06, then designating it the 08/34, did the spring and follower stay the same?  which is what i need to finish my 08/34. seems it would not have changed? also need the floorplate. anyone know where i can find these parts? thanks


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    Mauser rifle book has a section on Brazil Mauser's. It's quite confusing, to say the least. Doesn't give a specific date for the conversions. 
    Both 30-06 and 7 mm Mauser rifles were marked "MOD 08/34" . The new ones in 30-06, were made in Brazil. Some of the ones from Czechoslovakia in 7 mm. After conversion to 30-06. had a. "30" added after the "MOD 08/34".. 
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    my books seems to say were made in 30.06 and not converted? (my correction). but would think that follower would remain the same seeing that i beleive both are long action cals? still need parts!
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    That is one loaded question, what started with the 08, branched into many variants into the 1950's and other countries. I'll try and simplify what I know. The 30/06 rifles have three versions, 7mm barrel re-bored, new 06 barrel installed, and the last ones were built as a 30/06. Floorplate and follower springs are the same, and as far as I know, the follower is the same.
    As Rufe said, start researching the Brazilian, and you find "confusing" to be an understatement.
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    thanks for all the info guys, red
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