Winchester 1892 (original)

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Is the lever interchangeable with all calibers ?

Or do I have to specify 44-40 when looking to buy/replace



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    For just the lever, not to my knowledge. Michael, aka MOD1892 here on the forum would know of any exceptions that might exist..
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    You could check with Buckingham's Antique Winchesters - 731-559-4169, he has answered many questions for me about my 1892.  I would think at least the lever for the 38-40 would be the same.
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    Appreciate the leads gentlemen and thank you
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    Just had this sent to me

    "When Winchester started making the 92 it was in 44/38WCF primarily, then they redesigned 32 WCF and the 25-20 later. The 44 and 38 were larger cartridges so when they modelified the receiver smaller 32 and 25 cartridges that had to design and make thicker cartridge guides m to feed right. This necessitated modelifications to the lever so it would clear the thicker guides. There is a milled port just below where the lever fits into the bolt on the small cal finger levers. It will be on both sides of the lever. This milled area is to accommodelate the guides 32 and 25. Now this lever will work in all 92's"
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