French Revolver ??

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Proof Marks  * over E      .  G in a Circle  ~~possibly   de l'Etat
Bore approx   41 cal or 10.7 mm
Six shot double action
Barrel 5 3/4"

Anyone recognize it?

thanks for the help


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    " * E ", is usually found on Belgian made firearms. rather than French. It's a inspectors marking. There are usually other proof marks, as well. Along with the inspectors marking.

    In the 50 years between 1864 & 1914, Belgium had a very active commercial firearms industry. Probably the largest in Europe. Lot of their hand guns, were knock-offs,  of high quality English revolvers. 

    I will go through my references, to see if I can find a similar revolver to yours.
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    Thank you--was really hoping for French ☺

    I will continue looking as well

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    See the source image
    This was one of the typical proofmarks of the Liege, Belgium proof house
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    Type known as a Lefaucheux.  Likely a pinfire revolver, or may have been converted to centerfire.  Dr Google is your friend.
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    Hello and thanks again for the leads

    take care
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    That time period in Belgium, they were pretty free using others designs. As Neal stated, I can see features from the Lefaucheux, and the French MAS 1873, maybe even some from a Nagant. I don't believe this was a pinfire conversion by the looks of it, could be, but I don't think so. Most likely made as a center fire or rimfire, by the quality.
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    In agreement with you on being built as a center fire.  I can see no evidence of any conversions or frame modifications.
    Will post pictures of any and all markings--unfortunately there are no names on it.
    Likely a Liege product as mentioned. 

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    Found proofs/inspector marks on the barrel and front and rear of the cylinder.
    No other markings I could find.
    Looks to be Belgian
    Any thoughts on Year of manufacture range??

    thanks again all

    Barrel Markings

    Cylinder Markings

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    Oval with "ELG", proof mark.  Dates it to the Black Powder era, prior to the early 1890's. When smokeless powder proofing was instituted. A crown was added to the proof, on top of the oval.
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    Great info and thanks again

    Would the other marks/stampings be inspectors etc
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    A pretty thing.  Belgian for sure. Missing the extractor assembly.  I don't see the exact type in Zhuk but he couldn't list everything.  
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    Thanks she is fancy for sure and the extractor rod is missing in action.  The bracket and spring are still intact.

    Looks like an easy part to replicate ☺
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