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N Korea had a building in N Korea that they were to use for talks between N & S Korea..... S Korea spent $8 million to renovate... and covered its running costs ..it has been closed since January because of the pandemic...so N Korea gets a tiff and blows the building up allegedly because S Korea activists float propaganda balloons across the border ....which has gone on since day one....and the pressure of sanctions against N Korea has made living conditions tough for the north which has never held to an agreement >>>>SOO NK Tubbys sister was screaming about it being useless and locals need a diversion so N Korea could pressure S.Korea and milk them for AID $$$$$....SOOOO N Korea jams a stick in their own eye and screams at the south and expects >>> FREEBIES<<< now once before NK shelled a SK island and the SK hit back harder and NK pleaded for more talks....NK only understands force so lets show them some >>>>or have some more talks on a picnic table under a tree.....
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