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WTB - Marine Bring Back Japanese Firearms

Looking for WWII Japanese firearms (pistols and rifles) brought back by Marines. Some kind of provenance is preferred to show that it’s a Marine bring back...I’m not picky on the type of provenance. 



  • p3skyking2p3skyking2 Member Posts: 3
    I have one but it's a superb one.   A type 38 carbine with the original type 2 grenade launcher still attached.  It even has reinforcing nails in the stock so I'm sure it's an authentic capture.  
    About 20 years ago I got it from the son of the Marine that took it in battle on a Pacific island.  His son couldn't even tell me the name of the island, only that his daddy was a  Marine and sent it home.  It has the mum and the launcher is just like new.  The rifle is in good shape with no splits in the wood.   Of course it has an obscene price, but for a real capture, it's hard to upgrade.  
  • ww2collectorww2collector Member Posts: 2
    hey p3skyking2, thanks for the reply. What kind of price did you want?  It sounds very interesting. Do you have the name of the Marine?  Email is [email protected]. Thanks, gene
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