Sweet Truck

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Seems like about twice what I would be willing to pay. But maybe that's why I don't own one.


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    Pickups are a hot item right now.
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    Yea the damn things are everywhere. Jacked up or jacked down with the rear end dragging the ground with open exhaust. Most of these here never haul anything except a driver. $50,000.00 for the truck, three or four more for stupid giant tires and wheels that will never see dirt, and none of them have turn signals. Stupid people around here drive like two year olds. Some idiot in some little pickup ran into the back of a crappy Jeep, both trying to do u turns on Market street today at 6 pm. This a super busy four lane and they both got out completely blocking both south lanes. I was two cars back in my van cussing them as loud and as hard as I could telling them to move their piece of crap cars out of the road but the fools just stared like deer. I had to cut across a median. 
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    THIS is a useful truck.  Stepside too!

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    I would take the dodge over the Chevy ( i truly like Chevy over a dodge any day but in this case well the old dodge looks ready to take on what ever 
     the chevy looks OK but seems a way over its value but to each there own 
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    Ricci the dark that matte black patina - smooth well fitted gunmetal grey body panels - simple lines yet complex curves of the regular cab short bed stepside configuration...

    The basic appearance of the wheel and tire package along with dog dish poverty caps following the appearance theme and colored pallete scheme...

    The lowered flat stance and altered angle of attack - less rake and more shake and bake...

    The simple timeless interior (1968-1972 being the best of these models) and relative lack or power add one and accessories...

    My three favorite power plants for this body style are the timeless straight six that harkens back to the blue flame vette engine allowing for true split headers and dual exhaust as well as a multiple in line carb set up and modest chrome appointments to dress things up...

    The beefy 305 cubic inch V6 with low Horsepower but high torque numbers at low rpms often offered with a granny gear and an aftermarket overdrive...

    The small block 283ci mill with a single medium sized 2 bbl carb QED a simple forced air / ram air cold air intake or fresh air induction system from K&N - a filter charger package with twin inlet snorkels feeding the round single element chrome low rise air filter set up...

    The duotone glass packs with there sine sound and vibration tuned fiberglass resonator element screaming out that perfect note or whine as you hit certain spots on the cam lobes or certain rpm counts in second gear...

    Positraction rear end with lockers - the * end swinging out with ease at will from pressure of the go pedal - settling back into its correct groove and angle of attack simply by easing up on the gas and down shifting - never having touched the brakes...

    Coming out of that power slide or front heavy corner drift heel toe combo setting the right gear choice to slam you back into the seat as you power down the straight away...

    Radar love blaring from what speaker remnants will function - watching the needle on to sun pro tack grab yellow bars...

    No AC and vent windows bent back to capture some cooler air...

    Oh hell yes.


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    Reading the advertisement, it says "vintage AC which is super cold" reminded me of a funny story.
    Dad had a '71 3/4 ton Suburban (one of the old 3 door varieties...probably worth a fortune now).  It didn't have air conditioning, so he had an aftermarket AC unit put in it. It mounted under the dash. 
    Whenever Dad did something he always went large, like REAL large!  If something required a #12 wire, he'd wire it with 500 MCM cable.  If something required a 2" piece of sheet metal, he'd do it with a 12" x 3/4" (thick) piece of steel (usually angle steel too...because it was stronger).  Well, this air conditioner he had installed was no different.  That thing could cool the entire inside of that Suburban down to about minus -35F in about 5 minutes...on the "Low" setting!  If you ever turned it to "High" you had to scrape the INSIDES of the windows just to see out!  That thing would freeze your nards off.  I think they must have pulled that unit off of a Fruehauf refer trailer because it would double as a deep freezer. 
    Everyone who ever rode in that truck would comment..."Dayum...it's flippin' COLD in here!" 
    The other cool thing about that rig was it had a 45 gallon fuel tank on it.  It probably only got about 5 mpg so it needed a big tank, but gas was cheap then.  It was funny when you went to the gas station because the old analog pumps would roll over at 40 gallons.  So, if you put 45 gallons in it, the pump would say you only got 5 gallons.  Now Dad was always an honest guy and would tell them, but it was hilarious to see how many service station guys got fooled by that.
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    Either would be a good addition in the detached garage, but I'd prefer the Dodge since dad owned one - with smaller tires - when I was a young feller.
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