So how many loaded mags do you need for each of your mag fed rifles and handguns???

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I've posted something similar here before but I was in my local gun store yesterday and heard a couple of thirty somethings expounding on how many loaded mags they had for the various mag fed guns they had.  Ignoring the fact that if the wrong people heard them they had just made themselves or their houses targets, I just had to chime in.

So I said something to the effect that except to feel good about yourself you don't need an extra mag for your handgun if it is a mag holding 12/13 rounds or more.   They looked at me like I was an idiot.  So I said you have already mentioned 00 buck and AR's.  If you run into a problem that first goes through your AR and than goes through Mr. 12 gauge I'm guessing you are already very busy assuming room temperature, not going for your handgun.  If you actually get the handgun out the chances of going for the second mag is pretty much nonexistent!!

So the one guy asked me what assuming "room temperature" meant??  Dear God, I can remember being that young and that stupid.  As the old saying goes Young and stupid are synanomous (sp) terms.        :D


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    I have only bought two new mags. Have picked them up at gun shows and used at gun shops. probably have four or five for every gun. You were listening to the kids that have only shot at commercial ranges at paper targets.
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    Glock 17/19/26/43/33 - 50 mags total  Defense/competition guns
    Hunting rifles - 2 or 3 mags (each rifle)
    10/22 - 2 mags (each rifle) hunting/plinking
    22 pistols - 2 mags (each pistol) Defense/plinking/hunting
    AR's - 15 mags for several rifles  Defense and hunting  Various capacities (5-30 rds)

    Interesting question, since I had never inventoried my magazines.

    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    1 or two for  my carry gun and one for a house rifle.
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    I never heard there was a limit.
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    My brother in law is a magazine horder. When he gets a new gun, he starts collecting mags for it. I have no doubt he has boxes of mags that he doesn't have guns for. I like two or three for each gun. More for AR'S and 1911's.

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    as many as i can get and store   USA USA
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    bustedknee, I have to admit I get a chuckle out of your "I can't believe they misspelled pork and beans!" almost every time I see it!      :D      That probably says something about me but I'm not sure it is a positive thing!
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    Going big game hunting ... limited to a 5 round magazine here.  If you are a good hunter, only need 1 bullet.
    Hunting prairie dogs .... use a 100 round mag in my AR.
    Hunting gophers .. use a 100 round mag in my Ruger 10/22
    IF you are fighting a war, all the ammo and loaded mags you can pile up.
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    AR's maybe 30 mags. Sub2K in my get home kit, the one supplied 10 round mag. 4 31 round mags. Pairs up with my Glock 22 with a 17 round mag.

    Browning Buckmarks (2) have around 6 mags for them. M1 Carbine maybe 8-10 mags. Marlin Camp9/S&W 5906 probably 6 mags. 4 of those 33 rounders. All others, no more than 3 mags, with 2 being more prevalent.

    Some weapons I only have one mag for. 😮 Mauser mdl 1914, etc.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    The number of loaded mags you need is inversely proportional to the distance you live from the nearest democrat stronghold.
    The closer you are, the more you need.
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    Mags and ammo = easy to store money in the bank. The coming gun grabs will likely target these items (sky-high taxes on ammo and capacity limits on mags). Amass smartly...gather when prices are low...not during a frenzy. 
    As for "loaded"...depends on the use/proximity/current threat. 
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    If your purpose is self/home defense, just be aware that in the first place, the probability of needing your defense gun is extremely small. Then, if it happens that you DO need to use it, the probability of needing to reload (ie, you couldn't solve the problem with 5, 10, 15, 100 rounds) is very remote unless you are a panicky horrible shot. Ok, so now you DID reload, guess what, after the event, YOU could be in big trouble for spraying the neighborhood with bullets.  Try explaining in court why it was that the POS fired just 3 rounds, and you fired 30. Just learn to deal with any issue that may come up, using the ammo in your gun. 
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    Jut pick a handgun, a shot gun and a rifle and keep a few mags for each. Leave the rest of your guns in the safe. I live in a Democrappic strong hold and any more shooting up those extra mags would probably give me a life sentence as truthful says.
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