Second most destructive critter God put on earth

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Number one is the ubiquitous Racoon.  Taking number two on the list is the mud dauber wasp.  They build mud blocks in every hole they can find.  Propane tanks, the outlet and vents get full.  Water hoses are another favorite.  I put in gas line to feed the generator a few yeas back and got zero flow.  Turned out a mud dauber had built a nest in the 1/2 pipe before I installed it and plugged it up completely.  Air hoses hanging on the rack get plugged electrical boxes with holes will get filled up too.  I found a big nest in the roll of duct tape I carry on my zero turn mower's radio box.
I just killed the 100 amp power to the barn, did some wiring for my new deer blind and turned back on the breaker.  Nothing happened.  After a few tries it would turn on and sizzle a bit.  After more fiddling it started to work but being cautious I pulled the breaker.  Yup, a mud dauber got in and built a nest inside the breaker the sizzling I heard was the dead bugs it uses to feed its brood.
They can cause more headaches than anything their size, if they find a hole you can bet they will fill it with mud and dead bugs.


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    Oh I would say man is number one.
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    Oh, I would say women are number one!

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    For your consideration I present the Labrador retrievers. Absolutely brainless until he reaches about 2 to 3 years old . Able to chew thru the side of wooden sided barns to escape a pen . Destroys fiberglass fire and motorcycle helmets as easily as we shred a napkin. Digger of holes-large enough to bury a lawnmower .

    Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
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    Pack Rats = #1 easily, hand's down!!
    Most destructive critter on planet Earth!!
    ETA - If you don't have Pack Rats in your location...count your blessings!!!
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    Liberalism and Government Over Reach.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Mud dauber, the reason every opening on both of my campers have been screened.

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    Oh, I would say women are number one!

    That's why he's discussing number two, way to much controversy about number one.
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    Beaver has to rate up there.

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    All I can say is you have never had 4 sows get out during the night.  When you wake up and look out your window it looks like someone plowed your yard!!
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    I can deal with just about everything in life, but duck weed in a fish tank and there is no way to get rid  of it but to empty the tank and start all over. 
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    Corona Virus is number 1, but not GOD the Chinese put it on earth.
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    Re: Mud daubers- we had a few places where we have fire extinguishers that are on racks in the open (natural gas and gasoline storage).  The practice was to cover the end of the discharge nozzle with Saran Wrap, and slip a rubber band over that.  If you discharge an extinguisher, it blows right off, but keeps the bugs out.  
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    Funny, but I originally thought you were referring to Women.......
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    I've seen a lowly mud dauber cause big heavy equipment to be made useless fast.
    I've done battle with both mud daubers and pack rats.
    I've had to screen most everything so as to prevent mud dauber entry. Electric motors, Air conditioners, water hoses, air hoses, gun barrels, RV's, and if I've forgot something it will have a dauber nest. At least they are not aggressive with their stinger. If you live by a lake them daubers are even worse.
    I've seen them land on my screwdriver shank with a ball of mud while I was working on a piece of equipment. Now that is brave.

    A really good outside mouser cat will take out them Pack rats and keep them out. Traps, rat bait poison, etc, just makes room for the new rats to come in. Same with mice.
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    Duck hunted and even field trailed Lab's for many years.  The old adage was "their nose was always too good for their brain" :o
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    Most dangerous creature on earth? - Female human.

    That is why I have a lady lawyer.

    2nd most dangerous? - Mama bear.

    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    On the list of the ten best things in life a CB has to rank right about number 4.
    Course beaver, hot biscuits, and Merle Haggard are 1,2,3 ya know.

    formerly known as warpig883
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    Had some co ons digging for grubs the last few mornings.   Need to treat the lawn with some Grub-EX more frequently.

    What's next?
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    Daubers had taken over our porch, building nests in the nooks and crannies of our vinyl siding. A friend turned me on to BIFEN I/T. Mix as directed and spray all exposed surfaces. It lasted over a year, and I resprayed this summer when I saw a couple building nests. I use it all the way around the house. No wasps, spiders, scorpions for over a year, and the next day there will be corpses scattered all around. Supposed to be safe for pets and kids after it dries. I paid $20 for 4 ounces at the Co-op.
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    I have seen a half dozen hogs completely destroy a 10 acre meadow overnight  , had a 175 hp mercury boat motor pluged up with ants bad enough the water pump would not pump , had the neighbors bull walk down a 2 acre sweetcorn field down overnight, and have seen stupid humans ruin lives with one action and no thought ! there are a lot of destructive  forces among us it just depends on what force is upon you at the time !!!
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    Wild hog would rate # 1. Some upset hunters turned a dozen or so loose on a abandoned number of acres near hear, they didn't not stay put. Fields looked like they had been ripped with a dozer. Night vision and a few traps finally got the best of them.
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