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Life has been good.

A month ago, I bought 2 Colt 1911’s off of The other side.

A nos 38 super Talo commander, and a 38 Super Blue Gold Cup National Match.

When I stopped in my LGS to have them send off their ffl, I saw this ‘85 Officers ACP peeking at me from the display case.

A Little wear on the outside, not sure it’s been shot very much.

Then, a couple weeks ago, fell in love with a Colt classic Nighthawk custom on the other side.

Picked it up from my LGS this past Monday, just as they were putting a double stack Rock Island 22 Tcm/9mm in the case. It came home with me.

Don't have a pic of it yet, but all 5 are flawless, and capable of better accuracy than I am, out back of the house on my range.

1911’s. The only pistols I’ve never had issues with, out of the box. No tuning needed, no tweeking, no return to the mothership.

Just an awesomely designed pistol, that has withstood the tests of time, and still has the best trigger, and natural pointability.

The Colt Hawk is my first venture into a higher level, semi custom. Wow!

Who else is taking advantage of this buying opportunity? Lol


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