A Message to LEO, from LEO

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Not much I can say that this officer hasn't said. 


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    So, you are russian? Commie.
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    Tech141 said:
    So, you are russian? Commie.

    It appears that Mykola Kurianov reposted it because he believes in our constitution more than our politicians and other public figures do. It was posted on facebook by the officer, and it will probably get taken down if not already. I know some here don't do facebook, so I found this on youtube. You tube may already be censoring the officer due to pressure from his higher ups. But since this guy is Russian, they have either not found it yet or it is not against russian TOS for youtube. If it gets alot of hits, it will probably get taken down. 

    So what did you think of what he had to say?  I liked the new info on an old ruling Marbury vs Madison. "A law repugnant to the constitution is void". 
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    The mere fact he was terminated for saying he will NOT enforce unconstitutional laws and expressing his first amendment right  is frightening, but then again take a close look at where it happened:  Socialist Seattle WA. 

    Seattle; the same city allowing the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), the same city where rioters and looters are favored  over police, merchants, and business owners. Chaos and mob rule plated out daily on TV. 

    Chalk this up to another teachable moment of what to expect with cities controlled by socialist loving DEMOCRATs.   

    Seattle has no use for freedom loving and patriotic people like officer Anderson.
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