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fellow i know died at a daughters home 1000 miles away from here and local undertaker went and got body  by hearse...any guess what this would cost ???


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    I paid 2.00/mile to take my Step Mother 85 miles (170 total miles) and an hourly charge for the man that transported her in the funeral home's van from where she died to where she was buried....that all could be completed in less than 4 hours...

    There may be other charges moving the body across state lines.  My grandfather was moved from Illinois to Iowa for burial several years ago.  We had to use a 2nd funeral service in Iowa and the body was transferred near the state line.....Not sure about the States that may be involved in your situation......

    I hope the process goes smoothly for the family...... 
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    Best would be cremation then a service.

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    When my wife and I arranged and prepaid for our burial expenses, they also offered an option that I refer to as our travel policy. It will pay for any expenses related to the return of our body or bodies if we should die over 60 miles from our home. That one time, just in case payment seemed to be worth it to us so we paid for that option as well!!!!!!

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    My grandmother died in Greenville, and was to be buried in Redwater, near Texarkana, about 140 miles away.  I offered to transport the body to the funeral home in Texarkana, but the local funeral director said it was not necessary.  Grandmother had pre-planned and pre-paid service, and transportation was included.
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    Airline DO transport bodies- have been the accompanying officer a few times.  For 1,000 miles, transport by air is probably going to be much cheaper.
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    I know the Funeral home wanted $16,000 (if I remember correctly) to store my Dad's body until it could be interred at Arlington 6-8 month wait. (WTH?)

    He is buried at the VA in Johnson City,TN.

    That still irritates the Hell out of me. My Dad, (WWII, Korea, Vietnam) earned that right.

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    If cremation is an option, take that. You can mail the remains via USPS. 1,000 miles would be incredibly high for transporting a body. Not being cruel, just the way it is.
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    I thought the airlines shipped a body for seat fare?
    Don't know where I heard that.
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    Do not know the fare- but every airline has a contact number for pricing for shipment of human remains.  
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    When my step mother Passed away here in Florida my father had to pay for a first class seat to have her body flown back to NY in her casket in the luggage hold. That was the charge 20 years ago. Who knows what it is now.

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    My maternal grandmother took great comfort in her later years that she had a paid-up burial policy.
    When the time came dad said the policy didn't even cover the cost of shipping her body from where she died to where she was to be buried.

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