Nancy Pelosi willing to settle for: '$3.4 trillion ??

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This is outrageous to try to spend this much to buy your way out of a recession/depression! The Jobs are not coming back like these lying politicians are preaching. It's a agenda 2030 bottleneck opportunity to downsize the hydrocarbon economy into a GREEN Initiative protocol and break the back of The USA as a Super Economic power and become a debtor nation with little ability to come out of this with a growing economy and it's working! We already spent 3 trillion already!
 CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that she still wants a sweeping stimulus deal this week -- but she made it clear she is not budging on the price tag put forward by House Democrats, reflecting how far apart the two sides are despite days of talks.
Asked if she has an idea on the price tag she's willing to settle for, Pelosi told CNN bluntly: "Yeah, $3.4 trillion."


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