The Best Car Wash Ever!!!

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I drove my little red Cavalier into work yesterday and the poor thing was covered in dried leaves after the little blow we had Monday night. The last time I was in a drive through car wash the best service they offered was $8.00 but the one I pulled into was twenty buck a roos!! Well I was already in line, and the car deserved the wash so I slipped the old card into the machine and pulled around. There were two guys stand in front at the entrance with high pressure wands. One guided me onto the track till it grabbed my tires and started pulling the car forward. With a side step and a gesture with his right arm worthy of a good game show host introducing a prize selection, one of the guys showed me a large lit sign that answered all my questions. Car in neutral, keep hands off the wheel, keep feet off pedals, don't turn on wipers. As my car passed into the tunnel of suds, the guys were on either side hitting my tires with their wands. Suddenly my car was completely covered with thick, opaque foam, I couldn't see anything at all. Then a bright light, purple, then orange, then blue, now yellow was cutting through the foam, flooding the interior of my car. I found myself laughing like a fool. This was fun, like a ride at Disney, and just as expensive. There were giant floppy rollers everywhere, cleaning every inch of my car. Then all the foam was washed off and my car was dried by high powered blowers. The first thing I noticed back in the sunlight was no leaks, my little car was water tight. Second, the windows and windshield was very clean. And when I got back to the office and got out i was very impressed at how clean the whole car was. All in all I think it was well worth the $20.00. The best car wash ever!!!


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    roll window down next time and you won't need a bath........
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    Welcome to the Twenty-First century................. :), I still mostly use local wino's myself, they need the funds.
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    I just know I will never get a wash job like that unless I pay extra for a hand wash. :)
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    There's a national chain car wash near where I live that washes my car better than I can and the wax is better than any I've put on by hand, it's like rainx because I can go a long time in a rain storm without using the windshield wipers. In the old days there's no way I would have run my vehicle through a car wash but today the brushes and swaying material they use that flops back and forth across the top of your car doesn't leave any swirl marks like the old nylon brushes used to do in car washes years ago. And it also washes underneath the chassis. 

    I pay $30 bucks a month and can run my car through as many times as I need or want to. The place is located where I pass by it every time I leave the house so it's easier to run the car though there than it is to clean the windshield. I've got a sticker on the inside of the windshield and I just drive up to the gate and it opens up automatically and then drive up to the tunnel and put the car in neutral and it pulls you though.  Also if I'm out of town and run across one of their locations the sticker works there too. 
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    I had been out inspecting coal mines in West Virginia- driving mine haul roads after a rain, my little red truck was black up to the door handles.  Took it to a car wash for the works, including undercarriage.  There was probably 100 lbs of coal stuck to my truck,  When they finished, the manager asked if I was happy (Yes- very!) and if so, would I PLEASE not come back again?  They were going to be washing coal out of the carwash for the next half hour.
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    I thought this post would contain a picture of some scantily clad chicks!
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    You was looking for Lucille?
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    (You smoke something before the wash)...???
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    I use the Blue Dolphin in FL. They hand dry and do a great job.
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    I never wash my own cars, always use a drive-through wash. But I also use ONLY brushless ones. They don't do quite as good a job - especially on the back window of my SUV - but they also don't rip off my license plates, mirrors, or wind deflectors. All of which have happened at the "whirling brushes of destruction" places. My local ones run $6 to $8 for the full deal.
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    Must be nice to live in a place with no salt. When my sister-in-law passed away in March Judy and I handled the estate. The 05 Cavalier we had bought for her new was a shadow of its former self. Mechanically good but you could put your finger through the body in most places. I had told her a couple of years ago not to take it through a car wash because I was afraid there would be nothing but the frame left when the wash was done. Bob
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    I just know I will never get a wash job like that unless I pay extra for a hand wash. :)
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     Sounds like you hit the blotter acid.
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    I do not remember the name of the movie but the husband and wife stopped by a car wash ( cheerleader fund type  ) as they pull in the fellow is all excited seeing the gals as most men would be . then just as they stop the girls walk off for there break and the men cheerleaders come in and wash there car rubbing them self's all over the windows  and of course there crotch in the husbands window ( he was the passenger ) too funny 
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    Here is what it was like at the place I went to in NJ. Inside and out all clean and shiny!

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    Ricci, how much did you tip them? You did tip them, didn’t you?
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    I would think the tip would be $5. bucks? 
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    Haven't taken the PU thru a car wash nor washed it myself on probably 2 years :o
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