Tear gas Teddy has a change of heart?

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Ted Wheeler has been an antifa supporter at least since the election of DJT. Just a week or so ago, he was standing in solidarity with them outside the federal building while they assaulted, blinded and tried to burn alive, federal agents.

NOW, he claims those protests are helping Donald Trump in his bid for reelection.

This moron is the city police commissioner, but cares NOTHING for the health and safety of his own officers or the federal agents who had to come and do the job his own officers were forbidden to do.

The only mortal sin, the UNTHINKABLE consequence of the assault on local citizens and attempted murder of local and federal officers, is that it might contribute to DJT's reelection!


Arrivederci gigi


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    Oh here I thought this was "Big Boy" hosing down those students a few years back. You know the guy all decked out spraying as he walked by.

    Now Trump paying and staging (no one is gonna act a fool without a payday) I don't think so. I don't think Trump's pocket is as deep as soros.

    So the Portland mayor's "line" is murder committed on camera? Yeah I can see that "solidarity brother" until murder takes place as he is complacent and will be on the hook with the killer. Meanwhile arson, attempted murder by arson, looting and general blowing off the steam is A-Okay. You would think there would be more fools getting shot while acting a fool "Chicago Level" of gun play.

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