Boots On The Front Line Of The COVID Non Pandemic.....

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Here is a FB post by a firefighter/paramedic in one of Washington's most populous counties. This post points out the truth of how small this covid joke is, and also the lives lost because of shutdowns/lockdowns. But nobody apparently cares about those lives.


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    I spoke with a friend yesterday.  He is a doctor and works the ER at the VA hospital.  He told be he has seen more COVID-19 cases in the last three weeks than he had seen in the previous four months.   They are having to hold COVID-19 patients in the ER because open hospital beds are slow to present, that's all hospitals in the region not just at the VA.   

    Bed shortages due to hospitals being full happen more often than some may think.   Anytime a bug goes around it can happen, the most common time being peak flu season.  So that in itself isn't new., but this time it is caused by COVID-19.

    So while this guy may be in a low impact area other areas are seeing increased cases.
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