California Ends Exploitation Of Workers

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SACRAMENTO, CA—California has claimed victory over the horrible abuse and exploitation of workers at the hands of evil employers with a new bill, AB666, which will make it a crime to work for a living.


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This Friday, Uber and Lyft are set to entirely shut down ride-sharing operations in California. The businesses’ exit from the Golden State will leave hundreds of thousands of drivers unemployed and millions of Californians chasing an expensive cab. Sadly, this was preventable. 

Here’s how we got to this point.

In September of 2019, the California state legislature passed AB 5, a now-infamous bill harshly restricting independent contracting and freelancing across many industries. By requiring ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft to reclassify their drivers as full employees, the law mandated that the companies provide healthcare and benefits to all the drivers in their system and pay additional taxes.


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    What was intended to be a benefit to the workers, in reality was a curse. I saw the exact same thing when the state mandated a big hike in the minimum wage. Within days, Target stores were replacing cashiers with automated checkout stands. 

    We are going to give you healthcare and benefits.

    Oh goody. Wait, I just became too expensive and I lost my job!

    Of course we can't give you a job when you lose your current one.
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    Yep, let the market bear the price.   Our healthcare system is so whacked out because there is no fair competition. 

    But, unfortunately that is how these morons think. They are all thieves in my opinion. If you don't want to drive for uber, don't. They are fighting it and got an injunction for now, until the appeal process is gone through. 

    Trump needs to campaign a little more in California and shake things up. This affects nearly a million or more people directly. 200,000 drivers and all the people who use them. Sure does sound like a Taxi union end run around competition. But I really like the Babylonbee for pointing it out .
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    yep a crime to work...BEE to damn bad for MERICA.......hear that in some parts of Kalif the Pony  Express will be activated to carry the mail in ballots......
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    MrMag00 said:

    ........................... and pay additional taxes.

    The real driving force behind the laws.

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    I find myself wondering; are democraps really this stupid?? 
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    I find myself wondering; are democraps really this stupid?? 
    They seem to be intent on proving it to you every second of every day.  Why would you have doubts?
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