New migrant caravan on the way from Central America. Why it may get support from Americans.

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Because of Affirmative Action, wherever they settle, employers will have to hire a greater proportion of Latinos.  

The people in the caravan may not all be gang affiliated criminals but, for some time, they will be not as well prepared or educated as people already here.  

The ones already here will get a boost.  

Would I be cynical to assume they are collaborating with the home countries to send the sorts which employers will want to keep out of most workplaces?  It's just a suspicion.  


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    and with the virus in full swing they will allow them to cross the border???????
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    why would any foreign country waste time on these when AMERICA will take them with open arms and bow their backs with the weight of FREEBIES on our working citizens ???....protecting and controlling our border is and has been a grand illusion that will turn AMERICA in to a third world slum
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    Just in time for them to cast their vote here in California. I wonder how much freebies they'll get?
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    No support from here.
    We don't need nor want anymore illegal aliens entering the USA and burden the taxpayers with government freebees they will collect like free food, housing, medical care, education, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. et al.
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