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I recently picked up a win. high wall rebuilt by C.P.Donnelly, Grants Pass, Or. in .219 wasp; really old school. I also got a unopened can of 'Hi Vel #2 powder, my speer #6 list some loads with this (also old school). Now trying to stay 'in school' I went looking through my 'stash' and found these bullets. Individually wrapped .224" no label on the jars.  Any idea who made them??


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    The manufacturer will be a challenge depending on the age and bullet design which can change over time. I'm intrigued by the tedious wrapping of each bullet, obviously by the owner and not the manufacturer.
    You can try to use the height and angle of the SP but even that can vary with age. The above is a Sierra.


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    If I were to guess, I'd say Speer or Sisk.  Are they .224 or .228 ?  OBTW, Hi-Vel 2 is a little hard on Bbls.
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    "Are they .224 ".......  .224, 63 grains.  I think they are 'custom' manufacture, I've got 2 'jars' like this. bought from a reloaders estate.
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    Thinking back, there was a guy in Oregon that made bullet swagging equipment in the 60's.  I went to visit the guy once and his was a garage operation, but a clean operation.  He made all sorts of custom swage dies for any size bullet you had in mind. A possibility ?

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