heavy 10mm ammo????

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Looking at getting a couple boxes of 10mm 220 grainers for woods carry. Looking at Buffalo Bore and  Underwood. As far as I can see, I'm basically comparing apples to apples. Both loads are 220 grain hard cast, loaded to 1200 fps, with 700 lbs of energy. Cases are brass for the B/B, and nickel plated brass for the Underwood. The difference is $19 for 20 rounds with the Underwood, and almost $35 for 20 rounds with the B/B. Is B/B running on brand recognition, or is there something I'm missing?? 




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    My old gun smith told me if you reload stay with brass. I'd go Underwood you can buy more ammo with the cost savings.
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    Why so heavy?  We don't have any grizzly bears in Oregon (yet)!  

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    Why so heavy?  We don't have any grizzly bears in Oregon (yet)!  

    Thinking about booking a pig hunt, and using my Glock 40 to do the job....
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    This response is written from my long experience with Oklahoma's large feral pigs in mind. I guess there are some wild boar species that could be larger so that might change my suggestions some.

    Pigs don't need real heavy bullet weight when fired from a full power 10mm load (not the "FBI-Lite" .40 S&W level stuff). My various 10's have dispatched several dozen feral pigs, some quite large (500+). Between a few of my friends, and one by me, they have also stopped more than a dozen charging hogs. My friend likes using primitive methods so is shooting a homemade recurve bow at hogs while he's on the ground. The bow is very nice, around 65 Ft. Lbs. but still.... When he first went, I insisted he take my G20 since all he had at the time was his pocket .380 just in case. By the 2nd day he had already used it to stop a charge. The arrow was a perfect shot into "boiler maker" at 40 yards yet it still charged and would have gotten to him.

    This went on for many years, him borrowing it each time. Finally he decided to get one for himself. He also chose a G20, but they announced the G40 around that time so he opted for it instead after a short wait. Now that he has one to shoot, he's getting into 10mm's as well and also CCW's a G29.

    When not at work, I CCW with 135 JHP because at 1600fps and 767 Ft. Lbs. (from stock Glock 20) of energy it should very easily do the trick for 2 legged predators. https://doubletapammo.com/collections/10mm/products/10mm-135gr-controlled-expansion%E2%84%A2-jhp-20rds If/When I carry an extra magazine, I usually load it with the 180's.

    For 4 legged predators, I use 180 grain JHP generally though I have used hardcast with same results... Dead quickly. Here's what I use for the hog loads (before I started reloading my own). https://doubletapammo.com/collections/10mm/products/10mm-180gr-controlled-expansion-a-jhp-20rds

    I haven't ever hunted anything bigger than a big mature boar, if I hunted dangerous game, then I'd probably go with a bigger hardcast load. When I was in Alaska a few years ago, I didn't feel under gunned when out in remote areas fishing. I am not sure if I was specifically going out to hunt large bears, and stay at the ground level, if I'd feel the same. Right now, my 10mm's are the most powerful I have (and I have a lot of those to choose from).

    I have tried most of the higher end 10mm loaded ammo, but I have stuck with DoubleTapAmmo.com. Partly because I know the owner (Mike McNett) from various 10mm online forums. His 10mm loads are what got his company going and partly the name, the "two bullets, one shot" equalizer loading in 10mm that has a 135 grain JHP and a 95 grain round ball on top of it. https://doubletapammo.com/collections/10mm/products/10mm-230gr-equalizer-a-20rds

    Also, now that I reload, I thought I'd mention that I haven't had issues with any of my nickel plated brass. Only negative I can think of is that it could potentially hide minor cracks and such that might be visible with plain brass. I keep track of my brass. After ~4-5 hot loads, I start using them for practice loads. These fall in the "hotter than .40 S&W, but mild for a 10mm. I've gotten 10 loads on the nickel brass without issue.

    I have shot and/or owned just about every 10mm handgun in existence. I don't spend much time on here so if anyone ever has any questions regarding 10mm's, just let me know through PM or email. I only found this one because "adamsquailhunter" sent me an email about it. Thanks Steve. :-)

    Fanatic collector of the 10mm auto.
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