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How can I find a good seller on Gun Broker? The seller I've been using has a 6 to 8 month backlog, and i would like to find someone else to handle my gun. Thanks


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    Contact Locust Fork, one of GB's top sellers and a regular here on the forums.  
    Ricci Wright ((Shooters Choice on the auction side) would be another one of the regulars here that you might try.  
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    We do a lot of consignments.   We have about 35 different people we are selling for right now.    A few guns we can get on pretty quick, collections are put on in batches so everyone gets some sales listed and nobody is left out.    We are currently running nearly 100 auctions per week on Gun Broker.    You can check my signature and see our sales.    If you would like to get with me about selling your gun my email is [email protected]    We have insurance on the business, a contract showing we are facilitating the sales of your items and we are responsible for their care.....so everything is covered.    No worries!     (Thank you NeoBlackdog for suggesting us.)    
    Ricci is also a wonderful seller and will do you right if you use him for your sales.   
    LOCUST FORK CURRENT AUCTIONS: https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Sort=13&IncludeSellers=618902&PageSize=48 Listings added every Thursday! We do consignments, contact us at [email protected]
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    Kasey (Locust Fork) has sold guns for me a couple of times. Always gets top dollar and is a pleasure to work with. Her fees are very reasonable. Can't go wrong letting her sell your stuff. Click on her link and check out some of the auctions she has running. Lots of high quality photos.
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    There's no reason you couldn't list it yourself. I am not a dealer but I sell ~10 per year or so when I tire of something.
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    Locust Fork. Period.

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