Country folks around here have their heads on straight.

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I had to run some errands today and did most of the driving out in the country. Every single farm that I passed that had a political sign out, was for Trump/Pence. Except for one clown that had a dementia/stooge sign. 


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    Around here it is 75% Trump, 20% Sweet corn for sale, 5% Shaky Joe
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    You must live close to me.

    That one house is on the north side of the river.

    Many years ago my grandad would say, "Them damnyankees done moved down here!"

    I wish he was still alive. Lost him in 1963.

    I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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    We have three Trump flags and a American flag wife became very motivated since trump was elected

    My confederate flag she is ok with just not so much on having it waving with the rest

    Tons of Trump flags around but we do live in rural area

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    Some one else driving through southwest VA? Brother took a bike ride up into West Va. He said hope is not lost. he Spotted a Prius with a Trump 2020 sticker.
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    I've driven approximately 1200 miles since Sept 1 and keeping track of Presidential candidate signs.  Dozens of Trump sings and THREE(yes 3) Groper Joe signs. The old fool isn't very popular in farm country.
    Sneaking in and placing a Joe for Prez sign is akin to "SWAT"ting around here as it will draw unwanted attention.
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    Took a road trip into the edge of Virginia to the area around Kerr lake and South Boston va . Saw two Biden signs close to Raleigh and a few near Louis burg and tons of trump signs . Probably a 25 to 1 ratio MOs of this area I was hoping they was rural farming land

    Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
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    Here in the rural Midwest the Trump signs outnumber the opposition by 50 to one if not more. I have 2 homes, one in town and one on the farm (which we live in about 50/50) so I have 2 Trump signs. The one in town is a 4x8. A neighbor woman in the country who is a staunch democrat left to go visit her grandkids out east. She will be gone until next year. She now has a Trump sign in her yard.  
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    Those good folks vote only counts as one unfortunately.  A few fraudulent mail in votes and a large city of liberals will defeat them.
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    sadly their are 100 or even a 1000 to one of the trump haters in the big cities, just hope they don't show up.......
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    I agree Sir. It seems the play this year is going towards the Mail in Vote fraud.

    It is going to be an ugly Voting cycle with neither side satisfied with the outcome. I just hope enough of the "Silent Majority" show up in droves and push Trump over the top. I cringe to think of the other side winning, with their agenda.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    I live out in the country in the NC mountains, 30 miles from Asheville.   Asheville is known as "The San Francisco of the Southeast."
    But I am in the next county over.   I was driving all around my county yesterday and I saw about 20 TRUMP signs.   Not a peep for Biden or BLM.

    If the Antifa types of Asheville, and there are lots of them there, if they decide to bring their march to over here in Madison County, that will be a big mistake.
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    Many folks that will be voting for Trump are afraid of attracting unwanted attention with signs and bumper stickers.  They also
    enjoy lying to pollsters but will assuredly vote for Trump.
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    "Many folks that will be voting for Trump are afraid of attracting unwanted attention with signs and bumper stickers.  They also
    enjoy lying to pollsters but will assuredly vote for Trump."

    That is quite true.  It applies to me.  I would like to put a Trump sticker on my truck.  But,  at least, in the old days when restaurants were open,   we used to go to the great Indian restaurant, Mela.   Downtown Asheville and right in the middle of the Freak district on Lexington Avenue. 
    I guarantee you, I park that vehicle there, morning, noon, or night for one hour while I go to the restaurant, I would have a smashed windshield when I got back.   Who needs the grief?

    I also think that many Trump supporters keep quiet about it and they lie to pollsters.
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    “We’re here taking a poll on the election. Who do you plan to vote for, Biden or Trump?”


    ”Oookay, another vote for Biden.”
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