F-5oo Fury


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    I had several cap guns, but I don't recall that one.
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    I used to have this air rifle when I was a kid.  It didn't fire a projectile, it just made a loud popping sound with air when you fired it.  You had to cock it like a BB gun, and when you pulled the trigger it would make a loud POP sound just like a real gun.  My friends all thought that was the coolest.  You could wet a cotton ball and stick it in the end and it would fire it about 30'.  I used to soak down a cotton ball with that 'Vampire Blood' stuff you could get with Halloween makeup and when the cotton ball hit something it looked like a gunshot wound.  Shot the neighbor's goofball dog with it one time.  Dog got scared and ran home.  I could hear that lady screaming from all the way down the road when it went inside!  She thought someone shot her dog!  (that was cruel, I know).
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    I had a Johnny 7 I think I got it for Christmas in about 1969

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